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Tired of Suppliers Missing Your Deadlines? Tired for pushing Suppliers? Tired of finding out of tolerance or mistake at last minutes?
Choosing the right supplier for your business is more important today than ever. It is vital to choose such suppliers with great care, not least because the decision will have a direct impact on the ability of a business to serve its own customers to the standards expected of it.
But there are lots of similar manufacturers equip with similar world-class advance facilities and ERP software. Almost all of them announce they can provide quality mold and injection part, as well as
service base on the advance facilities.
But you will found it is not true.

Lots of well equipped manufacturers, still cannot solve the "mold industry common failing"

1.Perfect schedule planning on paper,but lag when it comes to actually putting the plan into action. Customer will shock on the date that planed to finish——the work cannot finish on time.

2.Dimensional fail found after mold trial, break planning schedule, need extra time for correction and mold trial. Delay overall product launch time.

3.Design and production planning base on personnel's experience roughly estimation; But actual workload over estimation too much. Doesn't have enough machines or workforce to follow planning. This problem is Preventable.

4.Factory Operation management base on leader or manager, if they busy or forget to follow one task, will not have anyone remember the task until customer complain or become serious.

After several failing, you will realize quality not only come from advance facilities and software, also relate to the company overall management and personnel executive ability.

How to decide? Which one is reliable supplier?

Reliable supplier means the supplier can provide consistent quality, high efficiency work, competitive price, on time delivery, and excellent service.

Modern Precision spends 51 years and fortune investment to build below advantage:

Our powerful Project Schedule (PS) system, Help us overcome "mold industry common failing" . It seamlessly integrates enterprise resource planning and scheduling with shop floor execution, enable we provide better service than any other competitor that equip with generic ERP software. It develops by our own team who know the process well; also the system has lots of specialize functions for our own process. It controls every step of operation, all record by BARCODE system, customer can easy track the work state like track a DHL parcel. Everything under control and traceable. Ensuring we offer world-class quality, excellent service and really on time delivery to our customer without failling.

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We follow 7 key step to ensure our every facet are reliable. These steps ensue
us become Real Highly Reliable Organization (HRO). Not just by oral.
1. Understanding customer's requirements
2. Planning & Scheduling
3. Execution
4. Managing & Monitoring
5. Reviewing
6. Improvement
7. Innovation

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Advance Cost control system

Today's global competition, we understands the importance of cost control as a tool to increase profitability. Our advance cost control system ensures we provide maximize efficiency and minimize cost for your project.
Our Project Schedule (PS) system will fully automated scheduling and costing system that tracks every job in our machine shop. This system provides every supervisor and machine operator with a real time prioritized schedule for each machine and work center down to the specific work order and machine operation. This level of control not only assures on time delivery to internal and external customers, but allows detailed cost information for every part. Knowing the accurate part costs allows us to provide our customers the lowest prices while maintaining profitability.
Cost control system Ensure we offer competitive price to help our customer achieve competitiveness improvement by cost reduction.

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Advance Time management systems

In today's manufacturing environment, saving time is saving money, our advance time control systemsensure we control Tooling and Injection Molding production time precisely. Enable us work faster than other, help our customer launch earlier the competitors, bring maximize profit for customers. Our powerful Project Schedule (PS) system creating a detailed schedule, an individual is able to keep track of what needs to be done and ensure all required duties are performed. Without the effective planning and scheduling of daily activities, it can be easy to spend too much time on a specific project, which may cause other projects to be ignored or take longer than expected.

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offer creative design and mold technology solutions to your most challenging molding/manufacturing issues. Advance Project Team ensure your engineering and product development staff can be assured that your products and the molds to manufacture those products are well thought-out with every attention to detail.

Quality is a top priority at Modern Precision. We use state-of-the-art measurement facilities and software builds the finest quality system. Under the advanced and complete quality control system, with the scientific methods of quality control, quality control plan is made when the case of tooling or goods launched, and it will always monitor every stage of the production course. 100% dimensional detailed inspection throughout the mold build process and injection molding ensures accuracy and reliability.

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Modern precision provides dedicated customer service through a cross-functional team comprised of engineering, manufacturing, materials and program management. A Customer Account Manager leads this team and serves as the single point of contact. By having this system in place for every job—regardless of size—Modern precision can meet and exceed all of our customers 'expectations at every stage of mold production. We work more than 10 hours a day, 6 days a week.

We use our new 12,500 square foot state-of-the-art facility to its full potential, keeping current on new technologies and machinery.
We are always looking for innovative new ways to improve our processes.
We have all the advanced precision machinery that our competitors have. Click here to see equipment list.

Our manufacturing facility locates in the world's best supply chain city—Shenzhen China. You will enjoy the high efficiency operation and China preferential benefit. Lots of global brands opting for directly outsource manufacturing in China. Because of China is the most cost-effective in the world. Manufacturing in China has the following competitive edges compared with other countries:
1. China has a more developed and balanced industry than many developingcountries. A well competitive manufacturing supply chain.
2. Lots of skilled workforce and highly-educated engineers. Chinese willing work harder.
3. The Chinese labor cost is significantly Competitive.
4. Extensive logistic links to America, Europe, other Asian countries.
5. Stable government and Excellent Hi-tech infrastructure

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