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Modern Precision Vertical Machines (MP-VM) presents the customers with the capacity to develop and then manufacture various types of vertical injection-molding machines to meet your customized requirements.
Modern Precision developed the "3-color vertical injection molding machines" leading a new trend in the industry.


Compare with the traditional monochrome vertical injection molding machines,our 3-color vertical injection molding machine can produce 3-colors at once,achieving a "two high and two low" benefit : high efficiency and high quality using low manpower at a low cost.They have become a rising star on the market.


Patented design, multi-usage, product diversification, amazing appearance


The latest MPVP patented multi-injection and multi-station plastic injection machine. This machine can save considerable time by reducing injection cycle times and in doing so improve overall machine/production time efficiency. Also it significantly reduces labor costs and helps you better manage material resources. It will also reduce running costs.


This injection machine can be used for single injection, double injection and triple injection utilizing a multi-station design to suit your specific needs.

  • 3 injection nozzles, 3-6 workstations

  • 2 injection nozzles, 2-6 workstations

  • 1 injection nozzle, 1-6 workstations



Control circuit by PAD

German, full closed-loop

Pressurized confluence system State-of-the-art fully kinetic

sealing design

Double computer system

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